Tips for Towing

24 Nov, 2015 Sheffield Towing

Even if you regularly maintain your vehicle, you could still experience a breakdown. Once your vehicle is unable to get around, you might have to rely on a friend or family member to give you a tow. When you need a tow, here are a few tips brought to you by your friends at Sheffield Towing Service.


Before you tow

Towing is risky; there is a lot of room for mistakes. You will be hauling a heavy vehicle behind another vehicle and the vehicle being towed will not have power steering engaged. One of the first things to do is inspect what you will be using to tow. If you will be using chains, make certain the links are not bent or warped. Towing straps have more give and protect your vehicle from the jolts associated with chains, but you will still need to inspect the straps for signs or wear. Make certain your chains or straps are connected to the frame of the vehicle. If you are using a towing pole, make certain it is in proper working condition. You will want to turn on your blinkers and have a towing sign in your back door.

While towing

If you are the driver, you will want to avoid any quick maneuvers. The person behind you only has a few seconds to respond to any changes you will be making. Always start and brake slowly. You want to avoid sudden braking or the driver behind you might not have enough time to stop. Use your blinkers in advance to allow those behind towed to have ample warning to make course adjustments. Make certain that everyone knows where you are headed in advance and the route that you will be taking. Don’t be in a hurry, keep you top speeds low.

If you are being towed you will need to remember that you won’t have power steering or antilock brakes. Make certain that you watch for signals from the driver, you will need every second to make adjustments. You will need to keep an eye on your towing strap or chain; keep tension on it at all times to prevent jolting. Tension will also keep your chain or strap from dragging on the ground and prevent wear and tear. Drive in tandem with the person towing you. If they turn, you will need to turn as well. Use your blinkers whenever they do as well.

Sheffield Towing Service

If you want to save yourself from the worry and stress of towing, feel free to give us a call. Our technicians take the worry out of towing and will get you to where you need to go safely and without any headache.